Why the Church Must Embrace The Power of Sacrifice

As Christians, we acknowledge that the message of prosperity has become the primary message of the church (Should this be like this?). It is common to hear church members say, “Yes, Lord, I receive!” The church has become a place where people posture themselves as receivers of blessings.

It’s true that God is our provider of our need and a good Father in heaven who gives to his children.

However, we must remember that the church is not just a place where we receive but also a place where we give. It is time for the church to be seen as a group of people who sacrifice for the Kingdom, not just those who receive blessings.

It is noticeable that when the church holds a miracle convention or any event that promises blessings, the attendance is high. However, when the church holds a teaching service, an ordinary weekday service, or a training camp session that requires some work, such as witnessing or prayer, the attendance is low.

This attitude must change.

We must see the church as a place where we take up our crosses and follow Jesus.

Sacrifice is a central theme of the Bible, but it has become one of the most hushed topics in the church today.

The church must not abandon the message of sacrifice; otherwise, we will continue to be a phantom of the real church.

The Importance of Sacrifice

The message of sacrifice is essential for all of us today. The Bible teaches us that sacrifice means giving up something. We first heard of the word sacrifice from the Bible.

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The Old Testament shows us that the Israelites continually made sacrifices to God. Sacrifice is a practice that is also seen in other religions.

However, sacrifice isn’t just limited to religious practices. It’s a concept that can be applied to our daily lives and can have a positive impact on our personal spiritual growth and development.

In today’s society, sacrifice can be seen in various forms such as volunteering for a cause, donating to charity, or even making personal sacrifices for the betterment of our families or communities.

Sacrifice is a reminder that we all have something to give, whether it’s our time, resources, or talents, and that our contributions can make a meaningful difference in the world around us.

The teaching of sacrifice must return to the church. Otherwise, the church will remain fearful and powerless. Sacrifice is not a one-time event; it is a way of life. When we sacrifice, we give up something, and in turn, we gain something greater.

Our hearts will always be where our treasures are.

Matthew 6:21 ESV – “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

When we put our money in the church, our hearts will follow suit. When we have a heart for God, the eyes of our heart will always see heavenly things.

Money and Gain

Money has never been and never will be a measure of God’s approval of our lives. The Bible teaches us that in the last days, some will suppose that gain is godliness. However, this is not true.

While money may provide temporary comfort and financial stability, it is important to remember that true wealth lies within our relationship with God and the blessings that come from living a righteous life. We must not allow our pursuit of wealth to blind us from what truly matters in life.

The pursuit of money can often lead to greed and selfishness, causing harm to ourselves and those around us. It is important to approach money with a balanced perspective, recognizing its potential benefits while also acknowledging the potential pitfalls of our desires for it.

Instead of focusing solely on material possessions and financial gain, we should strive to live a life of service to others and to God. This can bring a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose to our lives, and ultimately lead to true happiness and contentment.

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God does not measure our worth or love for Him based on the amount of money we have. The church must not place an emphasis on prosperity, miracles, and blessings at the expense of the original message of sacrifice.

The Church’s Call to Sacrifice

The church’s call to sacrifice is not just about giving up money. It is about giving up anything that hinders our relationship with God. We must give up our time, our comfort, and our pride to follow Jesus.

Sacrifice is not easy, but it is necessary. When we sacrifice, we give up something, and in turn, we gain something greater.

Jesus is our ultimate example of sacrifice. He gave up His life so that we could have eternal life. We must follow in His footsteps and take up our crosses daily. This means that we must die to ourselves and live for Christ. We must not be afraid of sacrifice, for it is through sacrifice that we gain victory.

Jesus’ sacrifice was not just a one-time event, it was a way of life. Throughout His ministry, He continually put the needs of others before His own.

He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and forgave those who persecuted Him. He lived a life of service and selflessness, and ultimately gave up His life on the cross for our sins.

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In the same way, we are called to follow Jesus’ example of sacrifice in our daily lives. This can mean sacrificing our time, our money, and our own desires to serve others and to further God’s kingdom. It can mean putting aside our own comfort and convenience for the sake of someone else.


In conclusion, the church must return to the message of sacrifice. Sacrifice is a central theme of the Bible, and it must not be ignored or forgotten. We must remember that the church is not just a place where we receive blessings but also a place where we sacrifice for the Kingdom.

We must not measure our worth or love for God based on the amount of money we have. Our hearts will always be where our treasures are. Therefore, we must put our treasures in Heaven, where they will not be corrupted or stolen. When our hearts are with God, the eyes of our heart

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